• Fields of expertise
  • Science of Language, specialisation French as a Foreign Language, University of Paris 5 (René Descartes).
  • Teaching French as a Foreign Language (DAEFLE diploma).
  • Professional Licence, Instructional design, Faculty of Science and Technology, Limoges, France.
  • Certificate in Corrective Phonetics and Teaching Oral Language, International Centre of Applied Phonetics, Mons, Belgium.
  • My story
  • Elizabeth Bettencourt had a happy childhood in a little country village in Burgundy. Her parents were both artistic; her father was a painter, her mother a writer. At 18 she moved to Paris to study Chinese at INALCO, France's top school for Asian Studies. As Elizabeth was fascinated by fashion, the next year, while continuing Chinese, she also entered the well-known fashion school Studio Berçot. A few years later, having worked for various fashion designers, she left fashion behind and returned to INALCO to study Tibetan.
    At that time, the university in Lhasa, Tibet, opened to foreigners for the first time, and Elizabeth spent a year there, where she met her partner. They moved back to France, where she spent a few years beside the sea, writing novels and raising a daughter. At 35, Elizabeth moved back to Paris to study.
    In 2012, having worked for two years in a school specialising in private courses, she founded The French Lesson – Rive Gauche.
    "It was originally just an entrepreneurial project so that I could earn a living, but it has turned into a wonderful way to reinvent my life. The French Lesson has been an adventure full of marvellous new acquaintances, uniting everything I love: languages, art, and Paris!"


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