The structuro-global and verbo-tonal method

The structuro-global and verbo-tonal method, the principles of which were defined by the Croatian linguist Peter Guberina and the French linguist Paul Rivenc, has revolutionised the teaching/ learning of French as a foreign language by making speech the main object of teaching and learning.

This method is in part based upon an observation: By the end of childhood, we perceive only the sounds, the rhythms, and the intonations of our own language.

We can therefore speak of deafness in perceiving foreign languages. We propose a strategy: educate your ear.

To learn a foreign language, you must first be able to hear it. Only students who have learned to assimilate the sounds, rhythms, and intonations of a foreign language, as well as its gestures, attitudes, and mimicry, will be able to communicate in this new language, whatever their age.

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